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Conveyor Belt Pump Code 20 BP Positioning
This pump removes accumulated water on the sides of conveyors, this has always been a difficult task, involving the laying of big pumps and electrical cables and still not solving the the problem completely, because this water can find itís way back again. Now with the use of this small PORTABLE PUMP, the water can be taken out of the mine with the material on the conveyor belt. Simply by hanging the pump on the structure and using the conveyor belt to drive the the wheel of the pump, thus activating the pump. The inlet pipe with a fine mesh strainer is put into the water, and the outlet is positioned over the top belt carrying the material. With a very small delivery (approximately 1lt per minute at 300 rpm) of water , depending on belt speed, material is not affected, on the contrary, it can improve conditions regarding dust.
Code 20 BP Positioning   Code 20 BP Positioning