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Idlers Series 25 SABS 1313
SHELL All shell material complies with SABS Part III.Standard Specifications Are as follows: 127*3.8mm Wall thickness 152*4.0mm Wall thickness Specials on request only
END RINGS Pressed end rings are deep drawn, all bearing seating tolerances comply with the bearing manufacturers requirements. Accurate location of the end ring to the shell ensures that the T.I.R. (total indicator reading) does not exceed 0.5mm at the roll face ends.
BEARINGS Available for the 25 Series roll:
Deep groove, seize resistant ball bearings
BACK SEAL An axial contact face seal at the rear of the bearing, seating the inner face, which ensures the bearings lubrication is completely contained within the bearing cavity for life.
SHAFT 25mm Shafts are manufactured from 070m20 bright bar, sized over the bearing seating area to comply with tolerance requirements.
SPRING RINGS A circular spring ring guarantees the locating of the bearing on the roll shaft.
LABCON SEAL The proven seal comprises a four part assembly with the following components:
Dust cover Offers primary sealing against ingress of dirt / moisture
Labyrinth seal Has a labyrinth path of 43mm and internal grease change (2 part) to give assured sealing efficiency for life
Face seal - An axial contact face seal seating on the inner bearing face to give further protection against all operating conditions.
Series 25 SABS 1313